The Advantages Of Getting Rug Restoration & Repair

Whereas rug cleaning is often what rug owners need, sometimes rug cleaning isn't enough. In such an instance, restoration will be needed before cleaning can take place. Our team has the tools and experience necessary to perform all kinds of rug restoration services, and this is why we are a leading business in Fair Lawn for those who not only need rug cleaning in Fair Lawn but also rug restoration services.
Even if your rug is old, we can provide effective restoration services. Once you get your rug back, you’ll think you just bought it the other day. A rug’s design will not inhibit us from performing restoration work, as we can work with all kinds of designs and patterns, regardless of complexity.
Often, we are asked to do rug recoloring, rug reweaving, rug binding, and rug fringing. If you'd like to know more about these common restoration services, read through the sections below, where each one is briefly explained.


Why Rug Owners Get Recoloring Sometimes

Rugs can display beautiful colors for a long time, but eventually they fade. But when fading happens, this doesn't mean your rug is destined for the trash. Instead, you can get a first-rate rug recoloring service from us. Our experts know how to dye a rug, and they possess the proper tools and materials to do this.
After the recoloring is complete, your rug will be back in action in less than a week. And once it’s been colored, you can expect those colors to stay for multiple years. There will never be any running, and the design will be totally intact.

We Make It Easy To Get Exceptional Rug Reweaving

Rugs often require reweaving services, and Persian and oriental rugs require this service more than any other kind of rug. Also, when rugs are damaged by moths and other natural factors, reweaving is likely to be the necessary course of repair.
Reweaving doesn't take long, and our technicians can do this either by hand or using a machine. We can handle even the most delicate silk rug, and we’ll even reweave fine and complex patterns. With us, you never have to worry about a reweaving damaging your rug.

You Won’t Be Let Down By Our Rug Binding Service

When a rug you adore has worn or frayed edges, you should consider binding. Rug binding is one service that our team performs often, and we’ve been doing bindings since we first began restoring rugs years ago. We can use either binding tape or a heavy duty sewing machine to bind your rug, and we’ll pursue the easiest and most cost-effective method.
Pursuing rug binding will save you from having to get your rugs replaced. This is why individuals who love their rugs and carpets often get binding services.

Fringing Will Save Your Rug: We Can Help

Rug fringing is another service we are often called on to perform. We can fringe any kind of rug, and fringing will ensure that your rug is usable for many more years. We’ll fringe the rug in a way which protects its visual appeal, but afterward you’ll see your rug is also sound and without tattered edges.