Rug Cleaning Fair Lawn | Don't Avoid It

While rugs and carpets can provide a lot of visual appeal and utility when they're used in homes and businesses, an unfortunate reality is that they also can serve as magnets for dust, pet hair, bacteria, and allergens. For this reason, it's good to get a professional carpet cleaning service from us, as routine vacuuming will not be enough to counter all of the elements listed above.
Our licensed and certified rug cleaning experts have the cleaning products, tools, and know-how necessary to make rugs not only visually attractive but safe as well. If you have asthma or allergies, you may be putting yourself at risk when you're around a dirty rug.
Also, children and the elderly are at risk when they're exposed to a dirty rug for a long period of time. Cleaning a rug will also extend its life, and there are a variety of cleaning methods we can pursue to ensure your rugs are not only spotless but safe as well.

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Our First-Rate Cleaning Process Will Make Your Rugs Spotless

When your rugs and carpets need to be cleaned, you can either have us come to your property to do this or you can bring your rugs and carpets to our shop. In any case, we’ll pursue the most effective and affordable cleaning strategy for you, and we’ll follow any specific instructions you have to a T.
Here's a basic outline which explains how our cleaning process works:
First we’ll look over your carpets and rugs to see what the best cleaning method will be. Next we’ll identify and pre-treat areas that are especially dirty. After this we’ll apply the appropriate shampoo, and then we’ll rinse with a neutralizing solution. We’ll extract water and leftover cleaner next, and then we’ll pursue a post-wash treatment on particularly stubborn stains. Lastly we’ll groom the carpet to restore the nap.
Once we’re finished, we’ll have you look over everything. If you think more work is warranted, we won't stop cleaning until you're satisfied, as this commitment is what we've been promising clients since day one.

Pet Stain & Odor Removal | What To Know

A lot of homeowners these days have cats and dogs running around, and while these creatures are lovable and adorable, they do have their costs. One of these is that you'll always be picking up after your pets, even if you have short-hair animals.
Dogs and cats leave hair around all the time, and with dogs particularly you'll have to deal with the “dog smell” problem. A lot of experienced rug and furniture restoration experts say that removing the smell of dog from carpets and furniture is incredibly hard.
And of course there are pet accidents which are impossible to predict, and these can happen even to pets that have been living with you for over a decade. When your pet has an accident, you should call us.
One of the reasons why we’re preferred by those who need rug cleaning in Fair Lawn is because we can clean up after pets, no matter how new or old their stains are. Don't take your frustration out on your pet. Get us to take care of the problem for you!